Thursday, February 26, 2015

Smoking makes men lose chromosome Y

Researchers have long linked the smoking habit with a variety of health problems, ranging from lung problems and cancer. But this time the researchers again found the ill effects of smoking for men.

Research from Uppsala University, Sweden, revealed that smoking can make a man lose Y chromosome when they get older. So, what happens when a man loses the Y chromosome in their blood cells?

Loss of the Y chromosome is not to be underestimated. Previous research has shown that the loss of the Y chromosome could trigger some types of cancer and may hasten death in men, as reported by the Health Me Up.

Because the only man who has a Y chromosome, then the results of this study may also provide an explanation for why men have a greater risk of developing cancer due to smoking habits. In addition, this also explains why men are heavy smokers at risk of having shorter life.

"In addition, we examined various factors, such as age, blood pressure, diabetes, alcohol consumption, and smoking, we find that the loss of the Y chromosome in the blood cells are more common in men who smoked compared with men who do not smoke," said researcher Lars Forsberg.

Heavy smokers experiencing a loss of the Y chromosome is more than a regular smoker. Moreover, it is not only found the people who smoke, but also in people who never smoked and had stopped. However, researchers do not know exactly why the smoking habit which eliminates the Y chromosome can trigger cancer and shorten the life of man.

One possibility is revealed by the researchers is that the immune cells that have lost the Y chromosome will lose their ability to repel diseases, including cancer prevention. The results of this study at least give the man one more reason to start to quit smoking now.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Too Much Sleep Trigger Heart Disease To Die Young

It may be hard to believe that a person may experience excessive sleeping, in the midst of many people who need to be able to sleep struggle never even slept enough.
Although it is difficult to determine the exact amount of sleep, most adults need about 7-9 hours each night to feel the benefits of sleep.
More than 9 hours of sleep each night may be one sign of a medical condition, but also puts the overall health risks.
Here are some of the biggest risks you can experience if too much sleep:

1. Sleeping too much can increase the risk of depression
In a study in 2014 on two adult twins, researchers found that long sleep duration increase a person's risk of suffering from depression. Participants who slept between 7-9 hours a night had a 27% heritability of depression symptoms, while more than 9 hours of sleep has a heritability of 49%.

2. It can damage the brain
A study in 2012 found it among elderly women, people who are too much or too little sleep worsen brain function in a period of 6 years. Women who slept more than 9 hours or less than 5 hours a night show brain changes that aging two years.

3. Risk makes difficult pregnancy
In 2013, a team of Korean researchers mengalisis sleep habits of more than 650 women undergoing in vitro fertilization. They found that the highest pregnancy rate in women who sleep between 7-8 hours per night, while the lowest pregnancy rate in women who sleep between 9-11 hours.

4. Increase the risk of diabetes
In a small study in Quebec, the researchers found that the money sleep more than 8 hours, two times more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance over a period of six years compared with those who slept 7-8 hours per night.

5. Can cause weight gain
Researchers in Quebec have also found people who sleep longer or less than 7-8 hours of weight gain during the six years. People who sleep around 9-10 hours per night, 25% experienced a weight gain of up to 5 kg during the study period.

6. Can damage the heart
In the study presented in 2012 when pertemua American College of Cardiology, sleep 8 hours or more each night is associated with an increased risk of heart problems. The researchers menganalsisi data from more than 3,000 people and found that sleep longer have twice the risk of angina, and 1.1 times the risk of coronary artery disease.

7. Cause die young
In a review of 16 different studies in 2010, researchers found an increased risk of death for people who sleep longer or shorter. People who sleep more than 8 hours a night is associated with a 1.3 times greater risk of dying than 1.38 million people study participants.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Benefits of Eating Before 7 p.m

Today more and more people are suffering from digestive problems associated with such obesity or diabetes. The reason of course diet and unhealthy food choices . Unhealthy foods are digested with imperfect able to cause the disorder .

One hour meal vulnerable harm digestive health is the dinner hour . Especially if you eat a heavy meal as your dinner menu . Though a few hours later , all the systems in your body stops working . For dinner that turned out to be beneficial for health early .

Reporting from , the following is a benefit of an early dinner mandatory for you to know .

You can avoid the increase gastric acid

If you eat a heavy meal before bed , then you will feel uncomfortable while lying in bed . In addition , the stomach acid will rise and cause a burning feeling in your heart .

You give more time to digest food

One advantage for an early dinner is you give a longer time so that the food can be digested properly . Because when you sleep , the process of digestion is not perfect and make a series of digestive problems .

You can avoid obesity

Research shows that dinner and obesity is associated . This happens because the body's digestive system is not going well at night and metabolism tends to slow down the system . So if you eat dinner early so you can avoid obesity .

You can reduce the likelihood of overeating

One of the best reasons for an early dinner is you can reduce the tendency to overeat . Because the distance between lunch and dinner you are not too long , so you do not feel too hungry at night and of course the dinner portion was not too much .

The body actually has a natural clock in digestion . Above 5 pm is the time to digest the food . So as not to burden the work by eating a heavy meal or eat too much.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Teabag Danger to Health

Teabag is one of the tea beverage that is pretty much favored, because in addition to practical , teabag also not leave the dregs of tea for all the tea in the bag of tea . However, drinking tea with teabag is actually ill-advised because it can lead to health problems , what asalannya ? The following explanation of the dangers of a teabag .

Actually, not at his tea , but the harm is a paper bag . Paper is usually made ​​from pulp or pulp made ​​from wood , pulp material is colored dark brown . Well , to make it into a white pulp bleaching chemicals needed made ​​from chlorine compounds are quite concentrated .

In the paper-making process , chlorine compounds is still left on paper and not done neutralization , because the reason the cost is quite high . This paper was the one who usually used in tea bags .

What Chlorine danger to health ?

Bag of tea bags containing chroline if consumed too often be very harmful to health , especially if you are too old to dip tea bags for more than 5 minutes . These chemicals also have the function to kill spoilage bacteria on paper so as to make durable paper .

The researchers suspect a result of consumption of chlorine in the human body which can lead to infertility in men , birth defects , retarded orders yet to cancer .

This does not mean you are no longer allowed to consume tea bag , just in case you want to use tea bags , try not to dip more than 5 minutes , because usually most people the wrong perception , thought that the longer the dip tea , the more juice tea that exist in our tea cups . Actually, even the chlorine content is what will accumulate in your tea cup .

Or if necessary , you can use powdered tea , because tea in this way is much safer than using a teabag . So that's the danger of a tea bag , may be useful .

Danger, Cosmetic for Pregnant Women !

Cosmetics for pregnant women should be rethought , this is because a study found an association between pregnant women who use cosmetics with an IQ of children born . Where pregnant women are often used in cosmetics can result in lower IQs , 6 to 7 points compared to children born to pregnant women who do not use cosmetics .

Research conducted in the United States published in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE , found that pregnant women use cosmetics that may be exposed to phthalate chemicals used in plastics of cosmetics used . They investigate chemicals and DiBP DnBP belonging to the phthalate . These chemicals are commonly used in plastic nail polish , lipstick , hairspray , and face powder .

The decline in six or seven points on the IQ of children will have a major impact on academic achievement , so that from now on you should begin to be careful using cosmetics during pregnancy . Other studies have also found that exposure to DnBP and DiBP can affect mental and motor development of children as well as increase the risk of asthma .

Phthalate chemicals commonly used as a base material to soften PVC plastic that makes plastic the desired shape . These chemicals are usually used in large quantities , but usually not listed on the product label .

Phthalate assessed can disrupt the endocrine system , known as endocrine Disrupts Chemical ( EDC ) in pregnant women . Whereas the endocrine glands without channel control system that produces hormones in the human body including a pregnant woman who had to supply food to the baby .

In addition to the cosmetic packaging , phthalates are also found in other plastic containers , so pregnant women should not heat food in the microwave using plastic containers , but use glass containers are strong . To avoid the use of plastic containers , store food in glass jars .

After knowing the hazards Cosmetics for pregnant women mentioned above , for pregnant women who want to continue to use cosmetics , should be to ascertain whether the tool cosmetics containing phthalates or choose beauty tool that is dedicated to pregnant women .

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth as Adults Cope

Adult Teeth teeth when it is not going to grow anymore , different as a child that will grow back . To overcome this , many are replacing missing teeth with dentures , either removable or permanent . One alternative permanent dentures , the latest method is by using dental implants .

The advantages of dental implants , is the stability and comfort of dentures over the maximum . This is because the false teeth implanted in the jaw bone , in contrast to other methods dentures that are not planted to the bones of the jaw . Another benefit of dental implant method is to maintain the thickness of the jaw bone . Because if the missing tooth , then over time the jawbone can shrink so that the shape of the face be changed .

With dental implants , where the roots of dentures will defend to prevent jaw bone resorption ( thinning and shrinking ) . The implants are made ​​of a metal pole ( usually titanium ) , which is installed in the jawbone below the gum tissue . This pole will be stable anchors for artificial teeth and capable of up to 30 years . Patients with implants didi also still able to bite and chew food with the ability to approach like natural teeth .

Price fixing dental implants usually in the tens of millions , and the procedure can be reached three months prior to the reinforcement process and teeth function optimally . Dental implants also must tetal considered , because if it is not clean can trigger inflammation and cause infection and dentures can be detached .

Dental implants do have many advantages , but if the patient has uncontrolled systemic diseases such as diabetes , will cause dental implant success rate is lower .

Patients with diabetes have a low immune system so susceptible to infection . This is also true for patients who have a history of hypertension and heart disease , which should consult with your doctor because the implant needs to anesthesia.

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